January 6, 2019

Xiaomi to Launch Mija Smart Washing machine

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi which is slowly disrupting the electronics industry with its affordable products is now planning to launch Smart Washing Machine under its sub-brand Mija.

So far only a few Mija powered devices are only available in China and now Xiaomi is planning to take these products globally.

The washing and drying machine comes with a capacity of 10kg which means that one can wash up to 45 shits, or 12 jeans, or 4 sets of bed sheets at any given time. Xiaomi claims that the machine comes with “a new inner tube structure design” to achieve this. The company described some of the washing and drying modes in the machine adding that it can Air wash the clothes to deodorize the clothes.

The best part of this Mija Washing Machine is it can be controlled and monitored using a smartphone!

The company launched the washing and drying machine on its website. It is priced at 2,499 RMB which amounts to about Rs 25,300.

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    […] Xiaomi to Launch Mija Smart Washing machine […]

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