May 14, 2018

Checkout the World’s Largest Image With 1,053,070 Megapixels

The title might sound hard to believe but yes it is true. We might be familiar with Gadgets that can capture images at tens of Megapixels. In specific cases, some people might have seen pictures with few hundreds and 1000 Megapixels. But the world’s largest Image has a resolution of 1,053,070 Megapixels. That’s 1,000 Gigapixels when put together. It took 2,187 hours of hard work to knit the world’s first terapixel image.

It was created by SIGGraph, a group of photographers led by Gene Cooper. They created a mosaic of food items, a macro photo that’s 1053.07 gigapixels in resolution! Actually, there isn’t any camera capable of capturing such a huge pic. The image is created by knitting 629,370 images together as a Mosaic. If printed, this image will occupy 400 metres.


Part of Image



A small part of Terapixel image.

Click here to Watch the full image!



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