November 25, 2018

What if Apple Makes a Car? [Funny]

  • The electric charger cable would break within a month.
  • They would make it in China for a total cost of 8000$ and sell it worldwide for 70000$.
  • Apple maps would drive you off a cliff.
  • After 2 years it will automatically start to slow down performance and after 5 years it will stop working at all as the device is too old for the new OS provided via OTA.
  • You can only choose either white or black. After 2 years it will be available in 3 more colours: peachy orange, strawberry red and citric yellow.
  • The door will unlock as you get close to the car thanks to your Bluetooth-paired phone, but only if what you have in the pocket is an iPhone.
  • The headlights will be powered by LEDs and will be very bright (tons of nits), but you won’t have turn signal lights because who needs notification LEDs anyway?
  • You have a clause that states that you can’t repair your own car or your warranty will be voided; you will need to take it to the proprietary iGarage.
  • It would be gorgeous, with a lot of round shapes getting very nice aerodynamics but the glass may break if you go drive too fast over a speed bump.
  • They will claim to have come with a new revolutionary mechanism to diminish human damage during a car accident, inflatable devices hidden in the bodywork that will pop up within milliseconds of a car crash, the iBag ®
  • And finally, it will be a huge sell success, everybody will buy it because all in all it works better than the competitor’s Samsung Galaxy Car

(Unfortunately, car.exe has stopped working [force stop] [uninstall])

Source: Quora


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