June 12, 2018

What Happens If The Sun Goes Out For 24 Hours

Have you ever wondered how important the Sun is to us here on Earth? Exactly what would happen if the Sun suddenly disappears for One day?

The Sun is a star and the center of our solar system. Everything in our solar system revolves around the Sun. It’s impossible to understand fully how crucial the Sun is to life on Earth and the very existence of all the other planets around us.

Without the Sun’s warmth, Earth would quickly become a much colder place. Fortunately, Earth retains heat fairly well, so humans wouldn’t freeze instantly. Life would get much more difficult immediately, though.

Without the Sun’s rays, all photosynthesis on Earth would stop. All plants would die and, eventually, all animals that rely on plants for food — including humans — would die, too.

Life without the Sun would eventually prove to be impossible to maintain on Earth.

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