May 26, 2018

Users Deleting PayTM app after a Leaked Sting Operation

PayTM, well known as India’s largest Payments app is hit by #DeletePayTM and Twitter is flooded with the #DeletePayTM which is trending now. This even resulted in the drop in ratings for the app on PlayStore and App Store.

Due to the latest news about PayTM compromising the privacy of users’ data people started boycotting the app by uninstalling it from their devices.

Cobrapost, an Investigative news website released a Sting video that allegedly shows a senior official of digital payments app Paytm claiming that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) asked the company to share user data in the aftermath of heavy stone-pelting in Kashmir last year.

People even urged RBI to intervene in this issue. So far there isn’t any update from PMO or PayTM Chief over this issue.

Here is the video which titled ‘Operation-136 II’ exposing the dark side of PayTM :


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