November 17, 2019

Trending Tech Updates!

👉🏿TikTok surpasses 1.5 billion downloads — with almost 500M in India

👉🏿Apple removes vaping apps from app store

👉🏿Google’s Project Nightingale Gave It Access to US Health Records

👉🏿Google scrapped the publication of 100,000 chest X-rays due to last-minute privacy problems

👉🏿Xbox One November Update now available with Google Assistant, new gamertags, and text filters

👉🏿Facebook Rolls Out New Fundraising Tools and Options Ahead of Giving Tuesday

👉🏿Corbyn launches plan to give free broadband to everyone in Britain

👉🏿Apple issues a firmware update for the AirPods Pro

👉🏿New Android 10 beta update released for the Galaxy S10


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