15 Mar, 2019

Trending Tech Updates!

👉🏿Microsoft open sources its data compression algorithm and hardware for the cloud

👉🏿Apple Announces WWDC 2019 Kicks Off on June 3 in San Jose, Registration Open for Developers.

👉🏿WhatsApp cofounder renews attacks on Facebook and urges students to delete the social network

👉🏿A Google employee just broke the world record for calculating Pi to 3.14 trillion digits.

👉🏿Microsoft’s Xbox Live social gaming feature can now be integrated into any iOS and Android app

👉🏿Dropbox pushing free users toward paid accounts with new three device limit

👉🏿Valve launches Steam Link Anywhere and better networking features

👉🏿Coca-Cola reveals how much plastic it uses.

👉🏿Beta version of Call Screen available now for select Canadian Pixel devices

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