July 18, 2018

Top 10 Richest Persons Right now in World

A Simple revolutionary idea may simply get you on top of the World’s richest people list and you may end up earning Billions. While it may take decades for some and it may take a few years for others. The list of richest persons is always dominated by people from Tech Industry and this time we have a new face, bearing the crown of “World’s Richest Person”.

Guess What? It is not Bill Gates anymore! Find out who is the World’s richest person and also check out the other people who are the Top 10 with huge vaults of cash.

Top 10 World’s Richest Persons:

  1. Jeff Bezos (Total net worth $124B)
  2. Bill Gates (Total net worth $91.6B)
  3. Warren Buffett (Total net worth $86.3B)
  4. Mark Zuckerberg (Total net worth $73.6B)
  5. Amancio Ortega (Total net worth $72.2B)
  6. Carlos Slim (Total net worth $67.5B)
  7. Bernard Arnault (Total net worth $65.1B)
  8. Larry Ellison (Total net worth $55.3B)
  9. Larry Page (Total net worth $55.3B)
  10. Sergey Brin (Total net worth $53.3B)

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