May 28, 2018

Teenager receives $36,000 from Google for finding Severe Security Flaw

An Uruguayan teenager received more than $36,000 as a ‘Bug Bounty’ from Google for finding a severe security flaw that would have allowed him to make changes to internal company systems.

Ezequiel Pereira, found the bug earlier this year, he only just got permission to write about how he discovered it this week after Google confirmed that it had fixed the issue.

He first got paid by Google, for exposing a security flaw when he was 17, This was his fifth accepted bug, but it’s by far his most lucrative. Pereira got his first computer when he was 10, took an initial programming class when he was 11 and then spent years teaching himself different coding languages and techniques. In 2016, Google flew him to its California headquarters after he won a coding contest.

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