July 20, 2018

Sony Launches New Portable Mobile Projector in India

Sony India launched MP-CD1 portable mobile projector in India on Thursday. Which will be available from August 3 at price of Rs. 29,990. Projector is said to transform any surface into a wide screen.

The mobile projector enhances brightness levels to reduce motion blurring and noise and ensuring optimum performance. which is equipped with Texas Instruments’ DLP IntelliBright technology. It has a rating of 105 ANSI Lumens.

Sony 1

Company claims, It is bundled with 5500mAH battery enables users to project clear images with up to two hours of projection time.

The HDMI and USB ports on the device accept smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles. The Sony MP-CD1 comes with a carry case, HDMI cable, USB Type-C cable, and Micro-USB to USB Type-C adaptor.

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