November 10, 2018

Samsung Announces One UI for Clutter Free Experience

Samsung is a key player in the smartphone segment. One thing that troubles Samsung users is the User interface. It isn’t that good when compared to the user interfaces of other smartphones. It lags and hinders in performance at times.

This is going to be a thing of past as Samsung has announced a redesigned and new UI dubbed as One UI. At its fifth annual Developer Conference held in San Francisco Samsung unveiled One UI with a lighter and fresh design. The company says that ONE UI will replace the present Touch Wiz UI in future devices.

Key Highlights of One UI:

  • Improved design for single-handed navigation on larger displays.
  • Natural Interaction
  • Performance improvements.
  • Focus Blocks that will group similar things into simple blocks.

The new UI also comes with a Dark mode which will surely attract more users. It is built on top of Android Pie and is currently available as beta for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.


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