December 25, 2018

PUBG bans 30,000 players, including 16 professional players

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has proved to be one of the top games in the battle royale genre. However, the more famous a title, the more likely it is to be targeted by hackers who try to gain an upper hand in the game by using unfair means.

To remove such players from PUBG, the game developers rolled out an Anti-Cheat & Reporting feature with Update 24 of the game, which also introduced the Vikendi map.

It seems that the new anti-cheating feature has come into effect as over 30,000 players were reportedly banned from playing the game.

  • A new anti-cheating system has reportedly come into effect for PUBG on PC, Xbox, and PS4
  • It reportedly banned over 30,000 players who were using radar hack
  • Some professional players have also been banned and have admitted to cheating

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