September 9, 2018

New features on PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 update

PUBG Mobile version 0.8.0 release just around the corner, here’s a quick summary of the new features and items expected to be added to the game.

New Map: Sonhok

Sonhok is 4.4×4.4 km in area which is just about one quarter the size of the other maps in game. However, 100 players will be air dropped in every game in the Classic Mode which would spice up things and allow players to engage in gunfights sooner in the game.

New Weapon: QBZ

A new assault rifle QBZ has been seen to make entry in the Beta version of 0.8.0. The QBZ assault rifle uses 5.56 mm ammo and is brought in as a replacement for the Scar-L. The QBZ is also expected to be showcased in the global release.

New Vehicles

Sonhok will see the introduction of the new vehicles UAZ and Muscle car. These vehicles are available to use in the Beta version of PUBG 0.8.0. Both the vehicles are relatively larger in size and can be used for both cover and transportation.

Other features to expect from the new PUBG Mobile update
  1. Players will be given 20 apples each to practice their throwing skills when in the waiting lobby before the start of the game. Players can throw these apples at opponents.
  2. Changes have been made of the User Interface of the game. Players are given a new option on the settings screen. They can now set a manual limit to the ammo their character picks up automatically for every gun.
  3. Recently release new features like the War Mode will also see themselves been carry forwarded to the PUBG Mobile version 0.8.0 update.
  4. The 8X Scope and the M24 Sniper rifle will not spawn on the Sonhok map. Nevertheless, the 8X scope will be available through care packages, unlike the M24.
  5. New weapon skins are also expected to be release.

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