May 18, 2018

Microsoft Unveils Xbox Adaptive Controller Designed for Disabled Gamers

To meet the need of gamers with limited mobility, Microsoft introduced a specially designed Xbox Controller and it is adaptive to people with disabilities.

The new game controller will be available later this year and will retail for $99 at all the Microsoft Digital Stores. Talking about the controller, it is designed to be a customisable device intended to support a wide range of needs and disabilities, making video games more accessible.

Xbox adaptive Controller

Xbox Controller

The controller is equipped with two large buttons on the face, and it can be operated with hands, elbows or feet. It can conveniently be placed on the player’s lap, on a table, or on the floor, allowing for a number of control options. The interesting feature with this Controller is that it has a row of 3.5mm ports along the rear of the pad, representing each of the inputs and buttons on the standard controller.

Using these 19 ports, players can plug in a range of add-on devices such as bite switches, foot pedals, touch-sensitive pads and other accessibility products that are either already available or have been developed specifically for the controller by third-party manufacturers.

This Gaming Controller is all about Accessibility and will surely open the world of gaming for people with limited disability.


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