August 19, 2018

Latest “Fix PUBG” Patch Details Revealed

The post vowed that the “FIX PUBG” campaign would continue and that “many of the improvements we’ll be making to the PC version will naturally be carried over to the Xbox version of the game as well.”

They added, “As usual, these updates will be implemented to the test server first and will be applied to the live server at a later date. Here’s what’s coming to the test server :

  • They are implementing FIX PUBG related improvements and new content
  • Adding a new AR, the Beryl M762, to all maps for wider weapon diversity and strategy.
  • Adding a new Sanhok exclusive vehicle, the scooter!
    • The scooter replaces motorbikes on Sanhok
  • Also They are introducing more new functions such as TPP camera position setting and reporting system improvements.
  • Decreased the minimum required players for starting a custom match from 10 to 8
  • Please note there may be additional changes made before this patch comes to live servers

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