May 20, 2018

Instagram to Soon report the Time Spent on Scrolling Photos

Instagram is aggressively releasing new features quite often and the latest feature is going to be a report of the time spent by users in Scrolling through photos and videos across the Insta feed.

The feature is not yet available on any of the versions, which means that the company is still testing the feature before a stable rollout. This new feature will be called ‘User Insights‘ which will¬†let users check the insights of the time spent (or wasted) on the platform scrolling the feed. You can check the time spent on the basis of day, week and month.

The other latest features include Emoji Bar that will let the users choose popular emojis with a single tap. There will also be @ button to easily tag people in photos and comments. Also, Instagram recently added payment feature to let users buy digital products quickly on the platform.


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