May 22, 2018

Instagram now lets you Mute accounts without Unfollowing them

Instagram has launched another new feature and it might be a minor but a most needed feature. Now you can mute posts from accounts you follow without unfollowing them.

The new feature will be rolled out to users over the coming weeks. When the feature goes live, you can simply mute accounts by tapping on the options icon and choose Mute from the options and Mute all the posts from the account.

This will help you to┬ápersonalize your feed without messing up “complex social dynamics“. For instance, if you are a business profile you can clean your feed by muting posts you don’t wish to see.

Muting an account doesn’t mean that you completely ignore it you can still view posts by visiting the account profile. You can unmute the posts at any time by tapping Unmute Posts option.

Now you can Share Feed posts as Stories on Instagram


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