November 9, 2018

China Gets a New Virtual TV Anchor for Reading News.

China is rapidly growing in the field of Technology Industry. It is quickly expanding in the areas of AI, Data Science and other future technologies.

The Chinese media is again into the news as China has got its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchor. The anchor looks more like a male human anchor with the voice and facial expressions resembling a real person. It can read the news in a synthesised voice, designed to sound like a real human anchor. The world’s first AI news anchor has been created by China’s Xinhua news agency in collaboration with Chinese search engine company Sogou.

The News agency states that with the help of Artificial Intelligence the Virtual anchor the company expects to reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of news reading with real-time updates.


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  1. November 9, 2018

    […] ?China Gets a New Virtual TV Anchor for Reading News. […]

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