May 26, 2018

Amazon Alexa Secretly recorded and forwarded a Couple’s Private Conversation to a Random Contact

While Amazon is enjoying the success of it Home Devices, Echo and Echo dot that are powered by its Personal Assistant Alexa, people are reporting some bizarre situations they are facing with Alexa.

A creepy incident took place in Portland where an Echo Dot smart speaker, powered by Alexa, reportedly secretly recorded a private conversation between a husband and wife and sent it to the man’s colleague.

Getting into details, a woman identified as Danielle from Portland narrated the entire incident that she and her husband faced with Alexa in an interview with Kiro 7, a local TV station. Soon after the incident took place, Danielle contacted Amazon for a clarification on why this had happened.

Now, Amazon says it knows what happened: As the woman, identified only as Danielle, chatted away with her husband, the device’s virtual assistant, Alexa, mistakenly heard a series of requests and commands to send the recording as a voice message to one of the husband’s employees.

What are your thoughts on Home and Personal Assistants? Are we sacrificing our private space at the price of luxury? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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