August 8, 2018

Airtel takes on Vodafone with extra 20GB benefit on Rs.399 Postpaid plan

Airtel now offers an additional 20GB of data for a year on the plan. The Airtel MyPlan infinity Rs.399 plan currently offers unlimited(local and STD)calls which extends to usage even while on national roaming with 20GB of data on 4G/3G/2G per month.

The terms do not specify the data will be offered per month for a year or for the entire year. therefore, users will receive 20GB of data allowance per month, supplemented be an additional 20GB that can be used anytime.

The 20GB of additional data will be presumably expire after one year if not used entirely. As benefits of plan was unclear, it definitely boost Airtel users.

Vodafone users on the Rs.399 postpaid plan, in comparison, receive 40GB of data per month, along with similar benefits of free and unlimited calls in local and national circles. The data rollover allows up to 200GB of unused data to be collected, and users also receive a one year Amazon Prime subscription on signing up for the plan.

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