July 27, 2018

3 Things to do when your Smartphone gets wet this Rainy Season

Monsoon has already entered spreading smiles on the faces of many. But not everyone is happy, especially your smartphones that don’t like to get wet. While there are many models with water resistant abilities, budget phones often lack these special IP6 resistant features. So for those who need to take an extra care for their smartphones here is a quick list of things to do when your phone gets wet.

  1. Do not charge it. Do not plug it in to see if it works. If it’s on, electricity will flow, it will touch the water that’s inside and that’s when your fry the (circuit) board.
  2. If you don’t have anything around to protect your smartphone from getting wet in the rain, just switch it off asap and take off the battery, if possible. Using a wet smartphone is not just risky.
  3. Dry the phone as quickly as possible. Boil off the water inside them at low temperatures under vacuum.

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